The Fink story is one of friendship, triumph, hardship, tragedy, redemption and rebirth.  The band originated in Freeport, NY.  Lifelong friends, brought together by a passion for rock and roll - guitarists John Hanaberry, Frank Lorenzo and original vocalist Alex Jackson began writing songs on acoustic guitars.  After compiling enough material for a set list, and with the addition of original bassist Paul Verliin and drummer Frank Leo, The Fink was born. 

The Fink, with its raw, powerful, dirty New York sound and attitudes to match, paid their dues starting out playing at local hot spots such as The Right Track Inn, Hammerheadz and eventually playing shows in New York City including The Continental, The Underground, and an incendiary performance at the infamous CBGB's. 

The band was on a roll, evenutally securing a spot at a record company showcase, auditioning for Atlantic Records and EMI Records among others.  However, the experience proved to be anti-climactic.  Due to music industry politics, The Fink never made it to the stage that night.  Creative differences, along with a healthy dose of drugs and alcohol, created a volatile atmosphere within the group.  Soon after, The Fink disbanded.  Aside from playing occasional benefit shows and side gigs, the band never officially re-formed.  In 2004, the untimely death of original bassist Paul Verliin made certain that the original line-up would never reunite.

Fast forward to 2008.  Guitarists John Hanaberry and Frank Lorenzo , drummer Frank Leo and bassist Greg Penso decided that there was something missing in today's music scene.  They believed that the music they created was a true representation of hard rock/blues/punk/metal, and that in their humble opinion is lacking in today's musical landscape.  As a result, The Fink is back, and is currently in the studio working on their new CD.  The two song single is currently available here and in all other digital outlets.  Feel free to comment in our guestbook.  Full length CD coming soon.  Thanks for visiting and hope you dig our music.